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There are three, and only three divinely ordained institutions:  (1) The Home (Mk. 10:6-9); (2) Civil Government (Rom. 13:1-4); and (3) The church (Mt. 16:18).  All other institutions are man-made and are subservient to at least one of the above three.  To try and separate God from the home or government would be like trying to separate Christ from his church.  We hear the mantra that the 1st amendment to the constitution has the separation of church and state clause in it, and nothing is further from the truth.  Let me explain:

The first public school was the Boston Latin School which  was “in Boston, Mass. is the oldest public school in America. It was founded April 23, 1635.  It was started by Rev. John Cotton who wanted to create a school modeled after the Free Grammar School in Boston, England, in which Latin and Greek were taught. The school was publicly funded and the first classes were held in the home of Philemon Pormort, the school’s master.  Believe it or not five of the 56 signers of the U.S. Constitution attended Boston Latin: John Hancock, Samuel Adams, Benjamin Franklin, Robert Treat Paine, and William Hooper (

“Also after his (Cotton’s jdm) arrival, the Thursday Lecture Series [religious teachings] was started, and the weekly market day”  (

Now five of the 56 signers of the constitution attended this school where Greek, Latin, and religious teachings were taught.  So if there was some doctrine of separation of church and state in the 1st amendment, don’t you think that these men would have recognized it?

The first idea of separation of church and state was found in a letter from Thomas Jefferson to the Danbury Baptist Association, who had written him concerned that the government was going to start telling them what they could and could not practice.  Jefferson assured them that the first amendment had such a separation between church and state that the state could not intervene in the church’s affairs.  That, and that alone was all that Jefferson meant by that.

During the time that the Constitution was framed religion was being taught in schools, the Bible was being taught in schools, and God was taught in the public schools. And these things were taught with the full blessings of the founding fathers.  Thus this idea that there should be a separation of church and state is absurd.

With God being the founder of all three divinely ordained institutions, then God should be taught in all three.  In the home, God should be taught, and where he is taught homes usually stay together.  When God is taught and his word respected in the church the church stays together and accomplishes the work of the Lord.  Thus if God is revered and honored in civil government, our country will be great.

Our country didn’t start falling apart until humanists began teaching that God does not exist, and teaching our children that they were nothing more than evolved monkeys.  The sexual revolution followed, and now we have problems over abortion and homosexuality.

Solomon wrote “Righteousness exhalteth a nation, but sin is a reproach to any people” (Prov. 14:34).  When we take God out of any of the three institutions he established, we bring reproach upon us.


I have heard a number of reasons as to why Romney lost the election including the one that said he lost because he didn’t walk the beaches with the survivors of hurricane Sandy.  But there is only one reason Romney lost the election Tuesday and that is because too many people in this country still can’t see through President Obama’s smokescreen.  That isn’t Romney’s fault any more than it was McCain’s fault in 2008.  There are some people who are so charismatic that people will follow them no matter what they say or do.  People still blame President Bush for the bad economy, but Bush hasn’t been in office for the last four years.  It wasn’t President Bush who has continuously printed up money for which there is no gold to back it.  If you and I do that it is called “counterfeiting,” but the President can do it with impunity.  It wasn’t President Bush who has made bad decision after bad decision over the last four years.   No, those things were done by President Barak Obama, and no one else.  People say that Obama needs four more years to balance the budged like Clinton, but the Clinton Administration/congress used the surplus in Social Security to balance the budget, so really all they did was to rob Peter to pay Paul.  Obama has no plan other than to keep printing up money and throwing it at the problem.  After four more years, who will people blame?  Probably the republicans!


It wouldn’t have done any good for Governor Romney to do anything differently because the outcome would have been the same.  The mad scramble to re-evaluate the Republican Party and try to change this and that isn’t going to change things in 2016 because all that is going to matter is what people want.  In 2008 people wanted someone to do their thinking for them.  They wanted someone who was going to take over all their responsibility for their healthcare, care of their family, care for their bills, and this is something that Obama promised to do.  This time people saw a healthcare plan that everyone could partake in, but without really understanding the nuts and bolts of it, they voted President Obama back in.  What they don’t understand is that this healthcare is going to be nothing more than an expansion of Medicaid, and it is going to be costly.  If a person doesn’t have his/her own insurance, then he/she will have to pay fines to the government for not getting health insurance.  That doesn’t sound bad on top, except for the fact that some people cannot afford health insurance, so rather than penalize them it would seem logical to just given them Medicaid, but that isn’t what is going to happen.  If they want the government insurance they will have to pay for it.  Eventually the Patient Protection Affordable Care Act will push the private health insurance companies out of existence and everyone will have to be on government insurance.  No more choosing your own doctors, you will have to go where the government tells you to.  No more having a say in your treatment, the government will make those decisions.  A board will be set up with a set of criteria that each patient must meet, and if the patient doesn’t meet the criteria, then the patient cannot be treated.  So people like Terry Schaivo won’t be allowed to live, the  board will simply give orders to the doctors to remove the feeding tube and let the patient die.  This is socialized medicine.  Yet this is exactly what the majority of Americans voted for last Tuesday evening, whether they realize it or not.

A woman can go out with her friends, pick up a man in a bar, sleep with him, get pregnant by him and then go to her boss and tell him she wants an abortion and the employer must either provide the abortion or the insurance for the abortion; regardless of the employer’s religious and moral beliefs.  Eventually everyone will be under government insurance and everyone will have to buy insurance from the government unless they pay the fine and then that money will be used to purchase insurance, and since it is earmarked as a tax and not an actual fine, it is federal tax money, thus getting around the ban of federal taxes being used to fund abortions.  None of this is in dispute, I have been in correspondence with President Obama for the last year, and I have made all of these arguments to him, and he has yet to deny a single one. No, it wasn’t Romney’s fault that he lost, it was the majority of Americans that voted for President Obama because they wanted someone to make all of their decisions for them.  Well, guess what?  That day will come; sooner or later it will come.  Sooner or later President Obama is going to put this country under his rule and he will be over all.  On Tuesday night during his acceptance speech people cheered, but when he takes over the US, they won’t be cheering.  They won’t be throwing confetti and they won’t be happy.  They will be scratching their heads trying to figure out how this man got such a control over their lives that they cannot even go from town to town without written permission.  But then it will be too late!

In the name of Freedom

Jerry D. McDonald

Effects of the Gay Agenda

Government, the Bible, and Respect for God
“When the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice;
But when a wicked man rules, the people groan”
– Prov. 29:2
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Below is an article written by David Tant that documents some of the
problems our society faces as homosexuality becomes more accepted. Do
not deceive yourself into thinking that homosexuality will not create
problems for you as long as you do not participate in it. The fact is
that leaders in the gay movement will not be content until all of us
either affirm their practice to be wholesome and acceptable or else we
are punished (i.e., persecuted) for our opposition.



Isaiah had many denunciations against Israel, and one seems to have a
particular application to the United States.

“For Jerusalem has stumbled and Judah has fallen, Because their speech
and their actions are against the LORD, To rebel against His glorious
presence. The expression of their faces bears witness against them, And
they display their sin like Sodom; They do not even conceal it. Woe to
them! For they have brought evil on themselves. Say to the righteous
that it will go well with them, For they will eat the fruit of their
actions.  Woe to the wicked! It will go badly with him, For what he
deserves will be done to him.” (Isa. 3:8-11).

Homosexuality was not Sodom’s only sin. “Behold, this was the guilt of
your sister Sodom: she and her daughters had arrogance, abundant food
and careless ease, but she did not help the poor and needy” (Ezek
16:49). And while there were these other sins, it seems clear that
homosexuality was a major factor in Sodom’s destruction.

So, how does Isaiah’s statement pertain to the United States? Consider:
“And they display their sin like Sodom; They do not even conceal it.”
Not only does America not conceal homosexuality, it is often proudly
promoted. And our government, courts and schools are complicit in this.

We are aware of our president’s open support of gay marriage, and the
Justice Department’s refusal to honor the “Defense of Marriage Act.”
Homosexuality has been forced on the military, and it is blatantly
defended and promoted in many schools.

The American Civil Liberties Union sued a Vermont inn for refusing to
host wedding reception for a same-sex couple. Dartmouth College expanded
its “gender neutral” dorms, offering rooms where “students of any gender
can cohabitate.”  The school’s website says Dartmouth “seeks to provide
a living environment welcoming to all gender identities; one not limited
by the traditional gender binary.” Atlanta and other cities have annual
“Gay Pride” parades that present blatant perversion and obscenity to the

A cafe owner was outraged after Bible verses brought the police. Jamie
Murray showed Bible texts on his café’s TV screen. But a customer took
offence, and Murray was horrified to receive a police visit. Murray
said: “I couldn’t believe the police were saying I can’t display the
Bible. I said ‘surely it isn’t a crime to show the Bible?’ But they said
they checked with their sergeant, and insulting words are a breach of
Section 5 of the Public Order Act. “I’m not here to insult or offend,
but the Bible is the Bible. We’re always told we’re a tolerant and
diverse nation. Yet the very thing that gave us those values –
Christianity – is being sidelined.” It is believed the complaining woman
objected after the Bible’s view of homosexuality was shown.

Did you know Jesus’ parents were lesbians? An Iowa “Christian Church”
had a living Nativity scene featuring two women instead of Joseph and
Mary. “The parents just happened to be two women,” said Linda Butler,
pastor of St. Timothy’s United Methodist Church in Cedar Falls. “They
were playing the role of the Holy Family, not necessarily Mary and
Joseph. We never referred to the moms as Mary and Joseph. We referred to
them as the Holy Family.”

University of North Carolina’s Wilmington campus lists “gay friendly”
churches for faculty and students. The “lesbian, gay, bi-sexual,
transgender, questioning, intersex and allied students and faculty,
staff and alumni” office described the document as a “resource guide”
for “lgbt staff and faculty.”

At University of St. Thomas, a Catholic school in Minnesota, a featured
speaker was Debra Davis, a transgendered activist who believes God is a
black lesbian. At Deerfield High School in Deerfield, Illinois, the AP
English Lit course required students to read a book full of graphic gay
sexual content. “Angels in America: A Gay Fantasia on National Themes,”
even from the censored description provided, is just plain inappropriate
for high school.

Michigan’s “gay” Bradley Fowler sought $70 million from two Bible
publishers for emotional distress and mental instability he received
during the past 20 years from versions of the Bible that refer to
homosexuality as a sin. California’s Gavin Newsome performed a gay
wedding and a local school brought their first grade class on a field
trip to participate in the wedding.

I could go on, but you get the point. I do not hate homosexuals. I have
had them as friends, along with thieves and prostitutes. But I hate the
sin, as God does. But as with Sodom and Israel, our nation is in danger.
“Righteousness exalts a nation: but sin is a reproach to any people”
(Prov 14:34).

I fear for our nation. Regardless of political preferences, we must pray
for, and elect those who have and uphold moral character. “First of all,
then, I urge that entreaties and prayers, petitions and thanksgivings,
be made on behalf of all men, for kings and all who are in authority, so
that we may lead a tranquil and quiet life in all godliness and dignity”
(I Tim. 2:1-2).

–Jefferson David Tant


Please consider the above information and take whatever action you
believe is appropriate. Unless otherwise indicated, you are welcome to
forward this email to your friends. If you have questions, please
contact the sources documented in the material.

Nothing in this newsletter is ever intended to promote or justify
physical violence or harm to any individual.

“…that we may live a quiet and peaceable life in all godliness” – 1
Timothy 2:2

“Righteousness exalts a nation, but sin is a reproach to any people” –
Prov. 14:34

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Does the Tripoli Treaty prove that the Founding Fathers were not Religious?  The preceeding link leads to an article on the Apologetics Press website.  It shows the deceitfulness of the atheist and liberal in trying to indoctrinate our youth with the idea that our founding fathers were not religious men.

Logan’s Run

Logan’s Run was a movie made in 1976 which was made from a Novel by the same name. In the movie Logan lived in a society where people would turn themselves in to die on their 30th birthday. Some did not agree with this and they would run. They were called “runners.” Special police officers called “sandmen” would chase these runners down and kill them. Logan was a “sandman,” and as the movie opens he and his partner “Francis” (a man) were seen hunting down a runner and killing him. Both laughed at the man for running and said that they could not understand why people would run. The next day was Logan’s 30th birthday, and his home computer wished him happy birthday and informed him that he had 24 hours to turn himself into a termination center. It was only then that Logan understood why people ran. He himself became a runner and his partner chased him. At the end of the movie, Logan escaped with the help of a young woman, killed his old partner and escaped to the outside of the dome where he found old people living out their lives.

Our President recently passed his Affordable Healthcare Act, which among other things will set up rules where the government will decide who can receive healthcare and who cannot. In 2014 when this bill completely goes into effect (parts of it are effective as of now, such as the HHS dealing with abortion and contraception of female employees) decision boards will be set up and these boards will determine a set of criterion for people to meet. If you don’t meet the criteria, then you can’t receive healthcare, even if you can pay for it without insurance. The government simply isn’t going to waste medicine on people who don’t meet the criteria.

Many hail this as a glorious thing because it will eventually rid society of terminal patients, the handicapped and the disabled. This is what humanists have been trying to do all along, and now they have finally done it. What these people need to understand is that “what goes around, comes around.” Just as Logan, in the movie, realized that his time had come to die, these people will find that their time has come to die; then it will be too late. There is no happy ending as there was in the movie. Once the humanists have their way about things there will be no place in this world for religious people. With this new healthcare directive there will be no more Terri Shaivo’s because a decision will be made in the beginning that he/she cannot be healed and medical care will simply be withheld and said person will simply be left to die of starvation and dehydration (my, how civilized we have become). This is not just my thinking, even doctors I have talked to about it understand it this way, and they are not happy about it either, but it will soon be the law of the land.

Whatever happened to Jesus’ directive to visit the sick (Mt. 25:41-46)? Under the up and coming law, Jesus’ directive will mean nothing. The doctor’s hippocratic oath will mean nothing. All that will matter is what the board says.