Liberty Institute Petitions U.S. Supreme Court


Liberty Institute Petitions U.S. Supreme Court!


In December, a federal district judge—spurred on by the ACLU—gave veterans 90 DAYS to take down the historic Mt. Soledad Veterans Memorial Cross in San Diego, although he delayed its destruction to give us time to appeal.

This week, we filed a petition asking the U.S. Supreme Court to hear the case immediately. The Court may decide to allow the Ninth Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals to once again review the case, but due to the unique circumstances and the gravity of this case, Liberty Institute wanted to give the high court an opportunity to take the case now if they choose.

The Mt. Soledad Veterans Memorial has more than 3,500 plaques honoring individual veterans, carefully integrated with a 29-foot cross, a universal symbol of selfless sacrifice and service. People come from across America to visit the Memorial.  The ACLU wants the cross removed because it sits on a small plot of federal land.

Liberty Institute is confident of the constitutionality of the cross in the context of the historic veterans memorial ,its history and purpose.   Strong precedent, including decisions by the U.S. Supreme Court,  supports the constitutionality of the Mt. Soledad Veterans Memorial.

And we are working with one of the most respected appellate attorneys in the nation—one of Liberty Institute’s network of top constitutional litigators at a top tier private law firm —to make our client’s case to the Court.

“We must take every measure possible to avoid the nightmare of losing this historic veterans memorial,” said Kelly Shackelford, Liberty Institute’s President and CEO.  “If this cross comes down, then all the crosses at Arlington National Cemetery and elsewhere will be open targets for destruction or removal! Worse, it will be used as a precedent to drive religious freedom into the shadows of our society.”

With our top-ranked staff attorneys and our best-in-class volunteer attorneys, we have the expertise to win.  But to recruit and coordinate such a national network of winning attorneys, we need the help of every supporter.

Because these volunteer attorneys are the “best of the best”—yet donate their time pro bono (free of charge)—every $1 donated to Liberty Institute can result in $6 worth of legal impact on historic cases like Mt. Soledad.

Please consider a special gift at this time—as we fight for the Mt. Soledad Veterans Memorial Cross and simultaneously engage in other legal action for religious liberty across the nation.

Liberty Institute has a 99% win rate . . . including in similar cases before the U.S. Supreme Court, where we have defeated the ACLU.

But we can only keep winning if Americans like you keep financially supporting us—especially at challenging moments like this one.